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Name: Nemo
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: Best fellow ladonians.
: Ave!
: The latest news concering Ladonias embassy in Falkenberg
: is a bit sad. The authorities took us all by surprise on
: wednesday and tore down the construction. But they guaranteed
: that it should be intact on the new place. Wich seems to be
: Falkenbergs western harbour.
: What the council and me, the new owner, is to do now will
: be a subject for consideration.
: Meanwhile can our swedish–talking ladonians read about the embassys fate

: in Hallands Nyheter (thursday 2/10–97)
: Count Torby, Lord of Roses, Minister of History
: Hinc illae lacrimae (hence these tears)

I wonder how Sweden would feel if its embassy was to be (re)moved ?!?

Nemo (Stanislav Sokolov)

Added on Date: 11:45:18 10/02/97

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